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64 bit architecture

Many new owners of a computer with 64-bit CPU, which actually means "64 bit" have only a rough idea. Usually equate 64 = 2 * 32. A simple example that this does not (always), makes clear: even if the highway is twice as wide, my beetle is not yet fast and is not used in the target.

Because this is exactly what is 64-bit: the processor offers "wider" means the internal datatransmission. Whether a lorry (program) that can transport more goods (more data/power) at the same time, depends on whether he can also use the broader way (64 instead of 32-bit).

Balsam Professional guest OS in VirtualBox VM fails to boot after cloning

After cloning a VirtualBox VM containing Balsam Professional as guest OS, Balsam Professional will not boot from the cloned virtual disk due to incorrect references to boot partitions. Follow the steps below to recover from this situation.

Black screen after upgrade to KDE 471

On the opensuse-kde mailing list, a problem was reported in which the screen remains black after you upgrade to KDE 4.7.1 and a subsequent re-login. The issue occurs when one from KDE 4.7.1 KDE: distro: factory has installed, and has enabled the desktop effects.

Bluetooth solutions

Tips and tricks for configuring bluetooth connections.


Bluetooth ist eine Funktechnik für kurze Distanzen, die von der Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) entwickelt und veröffentlicht wird. Seitdem Bluetooth auf dem Markt ist und quasi in jedem erdenklichen Elektrogerät integriert ist, wurden immer mehr Anwendungen auf Bluetooth-Funktionalität ausgelegt. Das auch Linux von diesen Möglichkeiten Gebrauch machen kann, soll hier mit den Skripten bluefind und bluevent gezeigt werden.

Cloning a VirtualBox Balsam Professional VM

Several steps are required to successfully clone a Balsam Professional Linux guest VM in VirtualBox. These preparations need to be done BEFORE the cloning process, otherwise the cloned Balsam Professional guest OS will not boot correctly.

Configuration Samsung Laserprinter

YaST2 don't gives the option to copy a present network-color-laser printer. That happens because the type of the printer aren't visible correctly inside the configurations menue.

Configuring DSL with pppoe

You want to configure your DSL Internet connection via pppoe. If you call but via YaST module DSL and have configured DSL, the packages will be installed "smpppd" and "linux-atm-lib". The package "linux-atm-lib" is available on the installation media and the DSL configuration cannot be completed thus.

Configuring the keyboard

Almost any currently commercially available keyboard has several special keys for multimedia functions, surfing, etc. Unfortunately, these keys are not valid. The enclosed software is intended only for Windows. For Linux there are various programs that can deal with the special keys. All of these programs use the so-called key codes that generate the individual keys.

Configuring UMTS in KDE

You have a UMTS flat rate of Klarmobil.de and want them under Balsam Professional configured.

Converting Packages

Sometimes the software you need is available either as a Balsam Professional/RPM package or as source code or some other package format. To install such packages under Balsam Professional, there is the alien program.

Data recovery

It happens unfortunately occasionally by careless action: man deletes a directory or a file, although it actually not had intended this. This article explains how you can recover deleted files and what you can do preventive, so that no more happens. Also describes how you can recover data from damaged partitions.

Determining system information

At this point, options are bundled to get system-relevant information. Goal is a collection of commands that you can link from the Forum, or just a reminder if you forgot a command (or whose syntax).

Documentation about Balsam Professional

This site contains the documentations about Balsam Professional provided by open-slx.

Dual Boot

Not every user who changes from another operating system to Balsam Professional can, or wants to immediately renounce his old operating system. This explains how to set up dual-or multi-boot systems with Balsam Professional and how it operates.